WePS 3: searching information about entities in the Web


WePS-3 will be a competitive evaluation campaign including two tasks concerning the Web entity search problem:

  • Task 1 is related to Web People Search and focuses on person name ambiguity and person attribute extraction on Web pages
  • Task 2 is related to Online Reputation Management (ORM) for organizations and focuses on the problem of ambiguity for organization names and the relevance of Web data for reputation management purposes.

The results of the evaluation campaign will be discussed in a one day workshop as a CLEF 2010 Lab in Padua (Italy), 22 or 23 September 2010.

See the WePS-3 Call for Participation.



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ResPubliQA: Multilingual Question Answering at CLEF 2010


ResPubliQA 2010 is the second evaluation campaign of Question Answering system over European Legislation to be held within the framework CLEF 2010 conference.

Link to Call for Participation



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Computación y Arte Multimedia

Emisión en Radio3


Ana García Serrano (UNED), Alejandro Jaimes (UC3M)

Nuevas Tendencias en las Tecnologías de la Información: Las Redes Sociales

Emisión en Radio 3


Alberto Pérez (UNED), Arkaitz Azubiaga (UNED)

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