Bernardo Magnini: "Towards Interactive Question Answering: An Ontology-Based Approach"

Ponente: Bernardo Magnini (HLT, Fondazione Bruno Kessler)

Fecha: 1 junio 2010

Hora: 10h00

Emisión en streaming.



The ability to provide both rich and natural answers with respect to a given question, and clear explanations for failures, is a crucial aspect for a future generation of Question Answering systems able to interact with a user. We argue that such abilities are necessarily based on a deep analysis of the content of both the question and the answer, and propose an ontology-based approach to represent the structure of a question-answer pair in the context of utterance.

The approach is domain and language independent and can be assumed as a general framework for both Open Domain QA and Natural Language Interfaces to Databases. We provide definitions for an Interactive Question Answer ontology (IQA) that capture significant interactive aspects, and suggest how dialogue templates based on the IQA ontology can actually model natural and rich dialogues with a user.



Lugar de Celebración

Salón de Grados (planta baja)
ETSI Industriales, UNED
c/ Juan del Rosal, 12
28040 Madrid

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