Óscar Pérez Concha: "Mortality Patterns across Patient Groups Following Weekend Admission: Reduced Quality of Care or Different Patient Mix?"

Ponente: Oscar Pérez ConchaCentre for Health Informatics (UNSW, Australia)

Fecha: jueves 12 de septiembre de 2013

Hora: 12h00

Lugar de celebración: Sala 2.1.C19, Edificio Sabatini, Campus de Leganés, UC3M


Proposed causes for increased mortality following weekend admission (the "weekend effect") include poorer quality of care and sicker patients. The aim of this talk is to analyze the one-week post-admission time patterns of excess mortality following weekend admission to identify whether distinct patterns exist for patients depending upon the relative contribution of poorer quality of care or a case selection bias for patients presenting on weekends. The excess mortality patterns of the weekend effect vary widely for different diagnostic groups. Recognizing these different patterns should help identify at-risk diagnoses where quality of care may be improved in order to avoid the excess mortality associated with weekend admission.


Oscar obtained his Masters (2003) in Telecommunication Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and his Ph.D in Computer Science (2008) from the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M). Subsequently, he worked as a postdoctoral research associate in the area of tracking and activity recognition in video sequences in the Research Centre for Innovation in IT Services and Applications (iNEXT) at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

He joined the Centre for Health Informatics (University of New South Wales) in 2011. As a part of the Patient Safety Program Grant at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI), Oscar is researching time series of hospitalisation data for the analysis, assessment, and prediction of spatio-temporal behaviour in the Health Care System.


Lugar de celebración

Sala 2.1.C19, Edificio Sabatini
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Avda. Universidad, 30
28911 Leganés, Madrid



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